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We’re Janet and David, a couple who loves to travel and explore places near and far. We met in 2014 and immediately connected over our shared love for great music and travel. Our first trip together was to Peru and we haven’t stopped since!  In the past year, we have traveled to New York City, California, Chicago, Iceland, and Mexico. When we’re not traveling, we are exploring our home city of Boston.

Far and Familiar at the Silfra, Iceland

We created this website to record our journeys as we travel.  We also hope to provide our readers with great information in order to make the world a more familiar place!  We look forward to having you join in on our adventures.


About David

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David was born in Massachusetts and relocated to Chile with his family when he was three years old. He was raised in the Atacama Desert and returned to the Bay State when he was eleven. While attending college in Boston, he studied abroad in Uppsala, Sweden. After graduation, he was awarded a scholarship that took him to Berlin, Germany for a year. David now works as an IT consultant and loves learning languages that inspire adventures to new places, where he enjoys savoring new food and hanging out with the good people he meets on the road. He is a true advocate for the digital nomad lifestyle.

About Janet

Janet in Chicago











Janet was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father is from Newfoundland, Canada and she visited there every summer growing up. Her passion for travel began at a young age and continued through college when she lived in Sevilla, Spain. Janet is a marketer, blogger, and social media strategist and currently developing her web design skills. She loves traveling to new countries and learning about the culture, customs, and history of the places she visits. Janet also loves cooking, photography, and yoga.

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